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  • Lucky
  • 19
  • 5' 2" / 158cm
  • D cup
  • not set
  • not set
  • Long Dark
  • not set
  • Sweet, Seducing, Sexy and Pleasing - Lucky
  • Please allow me to introduce myself,
    My name is Lucky, 19 years old. I am the young, fun, energetic, always curious and naturally sexually charged girl you want to be around, by your side, on top of and underneath.
    My youthful and playful demeanor must not take away from the fact that I am highly in tune with my sexuality. Making me extremely sensual ensuring that you will be enticed by my mysterious bedroom eyes and unforgettable touch.
    In a world that seems to never stop, I’ll be your pause button, a destination in the center of a jam-packed week of meetings and emails.
    As such, I get along best with people who like to lose themselves in conversation and experiences, and are seeking ongoing, long-term cheeky fun over a once-off affair. That’s my specialty.
    Allow me to be your guide through a realm of unbridled sensuality and uncharted fantasies. Together, we will explore the boundaries of pleasure, pushing the limits of indulgence until ecstasy consumes us both. Let me unlock the depths of your deepest desires, leaving no fantasy unexplored, as we surrender to the primal rhythms of our bodies and minds.
    Indulgence becomes an art form in our presence, as we embark on hedonistic adventures that push the boundaries of pleasure. From luxurious getaways in exotic destinations to sizzling encounters in lavish penthouses, we will create a playground where desire knows no limits.
    I love to laugh, and I love to listen. I love the simple pleasures of relaxation and intimacy. Hanging onto your every word, even as your hand sneaks up my thigh or brushes my hair softly from my face. But don't let my naturally warm nature fool you, a devilish streak of hedonism runs thoroughly through my blood. The sound of sweet, sinful nothings whispered in my ear. Losing ourselves in the pure bliss of exploring each and every one of our secret fantasies. The feel of soft sheets on my skin. I love the thrill of desire, and feeling desired by both men... and women.
    I can be a one time treat or a long-term lover. Either way, I'm ready and waiting. Take me. Taste me. I'm yours.
    When contacting me, please do so respectfully. An example of this is:
    Hello Lucky,
    My name is (Insert name).
    I was hoping to see you on (insert preferred time and date) at (insert location).
    Could you please tell me if you are available?
    Your Lover,
    LUCKY xxx

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