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Jade Skye

  • Jade Skye
  • 30
  • 5' 7" / 171cm
  • D cup
  • Hobart, TAS
  • White
  • Blue
  • Long Brown
  • Size 12
  • 0487 603 503
  • not set
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  • I am caring sensual woman who enjoys touch and tease. I am educated and well travelled. I love food and music. We can chat the time away or you can just lay back, switch off and let me take you to another place. I offer sensual intimacy and companionship as well as a deeply relaxing massage.
    Trained in the 7 realm arts of domination, you can take your massage into the shadows and explore your dark desires.
    Jade is 32 and has dark hair, D cup bust and stunning blue eyes.
    Jade see's Men, Women and Couples
    Text 0487603503
    Or book online
    This time is for you. There is nothing for you to do. The room is lit with soft candle light. Your masseuse has chosen the most seductive music to create the perfect atmosphere and will enter wearing alluring lingerie. After a shower to freshen up she will touch your body all over with a vitalising sexual and erotic massage slowly tantalising you. Her naked body slides with the highest quality massage oil are something that will stay with you for days. As you are completely relaxed she will finally bring you to an explosive climax.
    $100 for 15 mins - $150 for 30 mins - $200 for 45 mins - $250 for 1 hour - $350 for 1.5 hours - 2 hours for $450
    Top shelf sensual erotic experience for those who would like to treat themselves to a more hands on experience. Includes everything in our signature massage but so much more. All of your senses will be aroused and indulged. Not only will you be massaged but you can also touch your masseuse all over. Enjoy Spanish, pussy, breast and nipple play. A little dirty talk may excite you or even body slide your masseuse! At the end enjoy a wash down with warm towels and a shared shower. It’s unforgettable. Starting at $250 for 30 mins
    $250 for 30 mins - $300 for 45 mins - $350 for 1 hour - $450 for 1.5 hours - $550 for 2 hours
    I will greet you wearing something Bold and Daring. Take in the Temples unique atmosphere as you get comfortable. You will experience all the delights of a sensual full body massage but with a twist. Your mistress will carefully plan and prepare items to enhance your pleasure. Items may include feathers, satin gloves and soft leather. 
    This is not for those experienced in full on BDSM
    $120 for 15 mins -$170 for 30 mins - $220 for 45 mins - $270 for 1 hour - $370 for 1.5 hours - $570 for 2 hours
    Pleasure is enhanced when there is a little pain. Take yourself to the edge of your pain threshold and then indulge in pleasure of full release. Your Priestess will use a selection of whips and paddles to tantalise your senses. Pain can be the most delectable of all experiences. 
    $250 for 30 mins - $300 for 45 mins - $350 for 1 hour - $450 for 1.5 hours - $550 for 2 hours
    Soft ropes, Cuffs and Chains. The Temple has many anchor points for your pleasure. Your Priestess will restrain and dominate you all while she teases you with her touch and her body. She will undress until you can’t take it anymore, only then will she give you permission to reach climax.
    $250 for 30 mins - $300 for 45 mins - $350 for 1 hour - $450 for 1.5 hours - $550 for 2 hours
    Submit yourself to a complete sensory experience. You will have the option of wearing a silk blindfold while your Priestess will take you on a journey of heat and ice. Warmed Chains and wax and ice play will leave you guessing what sensation you will feel next and take you to a whole new level of pleasure.
    $250 for 30 mins - $300 for 45 mins - $350 for 1 hour - $450 for 1.5 hours - $550 for 2 hours
    Feet are second behind sex organs as the most commonly eroticized body parts. High heels are just the beginning, come and enjoy worshipping the feet and toes. This will include a foot bath with essential oils, foot massage and toe indulgence and to finish with a tantalising foot job or foot massage. Worship your Priestess $200 for 30 mins - $250 for 45 mins - $300 for 1 hour 
    Worship for you $250 for 30 mins - $300 for 45 mins - $350 for 1 hour
    Cake, frosting and chocolate mouse are some of the things you and your Priestess can explore all over each others bodies. The enjoyment of playing with the different sensations the food can provide; things like smell, taste and touch. You can be blindfolded while your Priestess takes you on the sensory exploration of taste and sensation or simply enjoy a massage with new textures. 
    *Please book in advance so your Priestess can prepare and advise your Priestess of any preferences or allergies
    $250 for 30 mins - $300 for 45 mins - $350 for 1 hour - $450 for 1.5 hours - $550 for 2 hours
    Signature BDSM experience. This is truly special and will incorporate elements of all the above packages. Tease, spanking and ice play all while your mistress has you tied up right where she wants you. Your senses will be awakened while you receive the ultimate balance of pleasure and pain.
    Your Mistress will be happy to plan with you and truly tailor your experience or you can receive the full X experience planned completely by your priestess alone.
    $300 for 30 mins - $350 for 45 Mins -$400 for 1 hour - $500 for 1.5 Hours - $600 for 2 hours
    $200/1 hr

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    Contact me to know more details!