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  • cutieee
  • 20
  • 5' 1" / 155cm
  • DD cup
  • Asian
  • Black
  • Long Brown
  • not set
  • The most beautiful maid
  • Hello everyone, I am a cute girl from Japan, my appearance is a little bit of baby fat small round face, big eyes, my hair is very beautiful curly hair, many guests say I am very much like the little princess in the movie. I was born with small hands and feet, a little more petite than the average girl, there are a lot of guests like my feet for their foot sex, I am also very good at this type of service, if you like, I will not let you down. I am 158 tall, not very high, but the body proportion is excellent, skin tight, zero pores, the whole body meat are full of collagen, elastic feel good, pp quite warped, hip line is clearly visible, this is because I love fitness on weekdays to keep fit. My character is very outgoing, speaking voice sweet, pampering must let you have no resistance; I have a lot of beautiful erotic clothing, lace jumpsuit, maid god costume, all kinds of sexy lingerie sets, there must be a just in your heart; my service is very intimate, with the degree of cooperation with the full marks, professional and technical first-class, your satisfaction is my greatest desire.

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