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Scarlet Gray

  • Scarlet Gray
  • 29
  • 5' 5" / 165cm
  • DD cup
  • Brisbane City, QLD
  • Caucasian
  • Green
  • Long Brunette
  • Size 9
  • 0466 252 233
  • not set
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  • Scarlet Gray - "I'm your next dirty little secret".

  • It's been said before that to describe me, that I'm every man's dream and every rich man's secret!! To tell you the truth I actually wouldn't have it any other way.
    While I appreciate all the men in my life I also have an overwhelming passion to meet more through my current career. Why? Well... Just like many others I find it thrilling... I love the whole naughty secret life that goes with it. I love that the richest and powerful not only come to secretly visit me but also come to admire, respect, and trust me. I'm as discreet as escorts come, gentlemen, trust me!
    I'm not like what you have encountered in the past. My rates are extreme because as the saying goes - "You get what you pay for". The services that you will receive are tailored to each individual date and person. I understand the needs of men and I not only can provide this but I have built ongoing relationships with regular clients that give testimonials to my ability to be an unbelievable asset to your life - whether it is for one visit or several! This is what you should expect from a high-class escort on Escorts and Babes!
    I will always present myself in the very best way possible. My clothes, accessories, and lingerie are all designer. My hair and make-up will always be done tastefully and appropriately for any occasion. My mantra for myself and for my business is "NOTHING BUT THE BEST". I accept nothing but the best but I also have high expectations of myself as well. 
    I would like to give you a small example of the atmosphere dynamic I like to create during a date.....
    Imagine walking into my seductively candlelit room. I stand before you - dark long hair immaculately placed. I'm dressed in very little, a beautiful lace bra and a g-string. It looks expensive and delicate! It's glowing against my beautifully tanned brown skin. It outlines all the amazing curves of my breasts, waist, and hips. You want to move closer but something hits your sense of smell and you notice that this aroma is delighting your need to touch me and bring me closer to you only so you can experience it more. The smooth sounds of my carefully selected playlist are now filling the entire bedroom - it all adds to the appeal. Then you look me straight in my sexy bedroom eyes and hear me softly whisper to come closer. As you move towards me, all of your senses in overdrive, you feel lightheaded with excitement and anticipation for what you will feel next. My body is amazingly soft it feels not like skin but silk... you don't know where I end and the sheets start. The whole experience has been amazing up to this point and the best part has yet to even start!
    Call me and arrange for your senses to be delighted. I promise I want to blow your mind!
    Love Scarlet xx
    I accept credit card or Beemit but you must allow for funds to clear before the booking (Pls allow 2 days).
    $350 30 mins
    $500 1 Hour Minimum
    ALL EXTRAS - Will need to be discussed at start of booking and paid for before you leave.
    $700 1 Hour minimum plus travel costs.
    This fee is subject to change on weekends.
    No negotiation on process or pricing. These amounts are always subject to change if it becomes extremely busy.
    By accepting the booking you are agreeing to all my terms and conditions.
    I don't have much trouble with anyone not using their manners or being absolute gentlemen but on the off chance that I do encounter this, pls know that by accepting my booking that you accept all amounts to be payable by the end of the booking and if you don't and we cannot come to some arrangement you agree to pay all legal costs incurred in trying to recoup these amounts from you plus extra.
    I also will cancel the booking with all monies forfeited if there is any violence etc or if I must ask you repeatedly to not be rough or defamatory in any of the bookings.
    Gifts and drugs will not be accepted as booking payment.
    If deposit is given you cannot have any returned but it will be used as credit.
    $500/1 hr

Rates Extras

Lots of extras, contact me to know more details!

    Contact me to know more details!